Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics… (1997)

From a screen grab taken from the BBC documentary ‘The Power of the Witch’ which shows a photo of Anton LaVey during a Satanic sermon.


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Ya boy has $75 in Lyft rides; who wants to get real drunk w/ me soon???

  • Rich: You can't just fake being good in order to get away with doing bad things.
  • Jeff: I completely understand. Do you understand that I still have to try? And if you don't help me, that makes you a bad person?

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Edvard Munch - ”Autoportrait à la bouteille de vin”

Edvard Munch - ”Autoportrait à la bouteille de vin”


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Yeah you’re worth the trouble and you’re worth the pain

And you’re worth the worry, I would do the same

If we all went back to another time

I will love you over

I will love you

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You’re a nerd come back here and I’ll jiujitsu you



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Got a fuckin sweet shiner from this dingleberry tryna stop me passing his guard earlier (spoiler: he still didn’t)

do I *look* like a fighter now ???




Do you think that we haven’t been trying hard enough?

I fucking hate this shit. How many of us, and I’m seriously asking dudes that are reading this rn to chime in, how fucking many of us had to learn ON OUR OWN, not from our parents or our teachers or fucking guidance counselors, had to teach ourselves that RAPE is not just dragging some poor girl into an alley and violating her? It’s fucking disgraceful and completely insane to me. We need to be better; we need to do more.